Cures for Hemorrhoids

It is not difficult to find an effective cure for hemorrhoids. However, the results of the selected cure depend on several factors including a person’s age, sex, and readiness to try different cures when looking for the best solution. Although treating this condition can be difficult, you can find the appropriate cure for your condition if you conduct some research.

Topical Remedies and Surgery

In most cases, people suffering from hemorrhoids use traditional retail topical medications to cure the condition. Other people consider surgery as a great cure if the condition is severe. In spite of the severity of the condition, surgery is a risky solution.

Alternative Remedies for Hemorrhoids

Cures for HemorrhoidsAlternative remedies also provide a viable cure for hemorrhoids. Such remedies consist of herbs that help to cure the condition. Alternative cures are less risky compared to traditional retail remedies and surgery. In addition, alternative cures are unlikely to cause unwanted side effects. Always remember that all-natural or herbal remedies work through an ongoing process. They do not cure the condition within a week. Although it might take some time to cure the condition, herbal cures can cure hemorrhoids permanently.

Home Cures

In general, most home treatments can cure hemorrhoids permanently. Some of the useful home treatments include hyssops, rutin, horse chestnut, and hydroxyethylrutosides. You can get these herbs from health stores including online stores. These herbs are known for their ability to fight both external and internal hemorrhoids. Essential oils are also effective remedies for hemorrhoids. The common types of essential oils for treating the condition include Italian cypress, niaouli, pelargonium, and cypress oil. A new oil extracted from Japanese pagoda is also gaining popularity among the known hemorrhoid cures.


Cures for HemorrhoidsMost fruits contain large quantities of fiber. They also contribute to a healthy and nutritious diet, which is beneficial to people who are suffering from hemorrhoids. Adding fruits or increasing fruits in your diet can work together with other hemorrhoids remedies to achieve great results. Fruits also help your digestive process. They also prevent constipation. Fruits work by inhibiting pressure on anal veins and promoting soft bowel movements. Given that the pressure that results from straining is the major cause of hemorrhoids, regular consumption of fruits can help in curing hemorrhoids.

Fruits also have antioxidant properties that strengthen your veins helping them to resist swelling.

Although all fruits contribute to improved health, persons with hemorrhoids should consider specific fruits such as blackberries, cherries, prunes, plums, and raisins. Fruits that are dark in color are more effective in treating hemorrhoids compared to other fruits.


Vitamins have antioxidant qualities that work well with other cures to treat hemorrhoids. Antioxidants play a vital role in strengthening body tissues. They also help blood vessels to be more resistant. Helpful vitamins include vitamins C, A, and B. The suggested dosage is 2 or 3 intakes daily. Remember to consult your physician if you are planning to use vitamin supplements to avoid negative interactions with other medications. Consider increasing your consumption of vitamin-rich foods such as carrots, oranges, kiwis, carrots, kale, and strawberries.

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