Hemorrhoids in Expectant Women

Hemorrhoids are among the common health problems in expectant women. Pregnant women develop hemorrhoids due to simple reasons. The condition develops because of prolonged pressure in your rectal veins. This pressure results from the increasing fetus weight in the womb. This weight strains rectal veins increasing the likelihood of developing hemorrhoids. During pregnancy, the developing baby has maximum weight during the last trimester. At this point, an expectant woman is likely to suffer from hemorrhoids.

Apart from the increasing weight of the developing baby, hemorrhoids can develop during pregnancy due to other factors. For instance, the hormone progesterone may soften rectum walls increasing the possibility of developing hemorrhoids. Pregnant women are also at a risk of developing constipation. Constipation causes straining during bowel evacuations. Consequently, the chances of developing hemorrhoids are high during this time.

Hemorrhoids Symptoms

Hemorrhoids in Expectant WomenMost women who suffer from hemorrhoids have different symptoms such as pain and itching in the affected area. In some cases, the hemorrhoids are noticeable. They resemble blisters or inflamed tissues. Other women may experience bleeding problems because of lacerated tissues in the affected area.

Other symptoms such as varicose veins may also occur. Varicose veins affect the legs and resemble hemorrhoids.

How to Treat Hemorrhoids during Pregnancy

Women who suffer from hemorrhoids during pregnancy can use different treatment methods to cure the condition. One of these methods involves eating foods with high amounts of fiber and fluids. Such foods play a significant role in promoting the overall well-being of bowels. They also help in preventing constipation. Pregnant women can also treat hemorrhoids by sitting in sitz baths containing warm water. This method helps to soak the affected area of the anus. It relieves the typical signs of hemorrhoids. Ice packs and cold compresses are also alternative treatment methods. They have a soothing effect that helps expectant women in reducing the pain and swelling caused by hemorrhoids.

Hemorrhoids in Expectant WomenThe use of tucks and other hemorrhoids pads has been reported to be successful in treating hemorrhoids during pregnancy. However, it is advisable to be careful when using any treatment method in order to avoid unwanted complications. Consult a physician before choosing any treatment methods for the condition.

Witch hazel pads also provide an alternative treatment for hemorrhoids in pregnant women. They are natural astringents that combat inflammation and swelling. These pads may work for some users and worsen the condition for other users.

Pregnant women can also use kegel exercises to prevent the condition and strengthen rectal and vaginal muscles. Research shows that these exercises can cure hemorrhoids by enhancing circulation and reducing the likelihood of swelling and blood pool in your rectal area.


Hemorrhoids can be very demoralizing when they occur during pregnancy. This experience can worsen if the condition is worse. However, hemorrhoids are common and do not threaten the health of a pregnant woman or the unborn child. It is important to consult a physician to confirm that you are suffering from the condition. Your physician can take the relevant actions to prevent the condition from worsening.

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