Hemorrhoids affect hundreds and thousands of people around the world. Basically though, we all have hemorrhoids. To be exact, hemorrhoids are what we call the clump of veins that surround the walls of the rectum. Once these veins become inflamed, it causes varying levels of discomfort during bowel movements. It can also cause injuries and bleeding due to excessive straining during bowel movements.

There are two types of hemorrhoid cases: internal and external hemorrhoids. Internal hemorrhoids are pretty much painless but can cause bleeding. It can also prolapse and distend outside the anus which can lead to more serious conditions. External hemorrhoids, on the other hand, are known to be quite painful. Bleeding is common, and once a blood clot forms on the external hemorrhoids, the pain could ratchet up in an instant.

Hemorrhoid Treatments

Hemorrhoid Treatment OptionsThere are several types of hemorrhoid treatments that you can try out and some do not need any sort of special medication or drug. Here are several natural hemorrhoid remedies that you can try in your home.

  • Increasing Fiber Intake – Fiber is important when it comes to bowel movements. It can help stools become easier to pass which prevents straining and pressure on the hemorrhoids. Try to include high-fiber food into your daily diet, such as whole grain food, fresh fruits, oat bran and wheat. When eating a high-fiber diet it is important to take it slow and build your fiber intake to 30 grams per day. You should also increase your daily water intake as well.
  • Exercise – Daily aerobic exercise can help relax your muscles and stimulate bowel movements. Do at least 30 minutes of aerobic exercises per day.
  • Sitz Bath – This is a traditional hemorrhoid treatment and consists of you sitting in warm water. This treatment method has been proven effective in treating and alleviating symptoms of hemorrhoids. Doctors recommend sitting in the warm water for at least 20 minutes, three times a day, or after every bowel movement. Once done, gently pat or use hair dryer to dry the anal area.
  • Hemorrhoid Treatment OptionsTopical Medications – You can purchase over-the-counter hemorrhoid treatments at your local pharmacy. You should first consult with a doctor to figure out which ointment is best for your case. You can also place an ice pack over your anal area in order to alleviate pain and inflammation. You should also avoid sitting on hard surfaces which can cause further swelling of the hemorrhoids.
  • Blood Clot Treatment – This is only found in cases of external hemorrhoids and can be extremely painful. If the pain continues for more than two days, then you should take the necessary steps to treat it yourself using topical medication. Minor surgery is also an option and can be performed by a surgeon quickly.

Final Thoughts

Hemorrhoids can be quite embarrassing, but that should not deter your from seeking help from a health professional. On its own, hemorrhoids are little more than a nuisance, but if left untreated, could lead to more serious health conditions. Eating a healthy and balanced diet, exercising, and avoiding straining during bowel movements should greatly decrease the risk of developing hemorrhoids.

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