Basic Information: What is Nelson’s H+Care Hemorrhoid Cream?

We have reviewed this product to provide thorough information to all interested users. This Hemorrhoid Cream is naturally made of homeopathic ingredients without the use of vasoconstrictors, steroids, anesthetics or parabens. This hemorrhoid cream claims to help in bringing soothing relief from the discomforts associated with hemorrhoids such as burning, itching, and pain. This product contains Aesculus hippocastanum, an anti-inflammatory with an effective homeopathic remedy.  This prevents capillaries breakdown brought by improved vein strength. This cream aims to shrink the hemorrhoidal tissue which will relieve any burning sensations. This product contains calendula which is rich with antioxidants, increasing the flow of blood while decreasing the healing time.


The active ingredients are:

  • Aesculus Hippocastanum
  • Calendula Officinalis
  • Collinsonia Canadensis
  • Hamamelis Virginiana
  • Paeonia Officinalis

The inactive ingredients are aloe vera, beeswax, capric triglyceride, caprylic, caprylyl glycol, cetearyl alcohol, cetyl Palmitate, citric acid, glycerin, glyceryl stearate citrate, hydrogenated vegetable oil, isopropyl palmitate, potassium sorbate, purified water, shea butter, and xanthan gum.


Before applying the cream you should gently wash the affected area by patting with an appropriate cleansing wipe. Then gently dry the area by patting or blotting with a tissue or a soft cloth. When first opening the tube, puncture foil seal with top end of the cap. Apply to the affected area as needed, especially at night, in the morning or after each bowel movement. For Internal use to treat internal hemorrhoids, attach the applicator to tube, lubricate applicator well and gently insert the applicator into the rectum. Thoroughly cleanse applicator after each use and replace cover. It is important to use the product regularly for best results.


The retail price is around $6.99 for a 1oz tube of Nelson’s H+Care Hemorrhoid Cream. It does not seem possible to buy directly from the manufacturer’s website and you will have to pick another online store, listed on the website, to purchase this product.

Possible Side Effects

You should stop using this product if bleeding occurs or if the condition gets worse or does not improve within 7 days. In these cases, you should consult with a doctor. You should also not use this product if using the internal applicator causes pain. If swallowed, get medical help or contact a Poison Control Center right away. You should avoid contact with eyes. If you are pregnant or breastfeeding you should ask a health professional before using.

Manufacturer’s Commitment

The manufacturer states that this product uses only safe, all-natural ingredients, without unnecessary chemicals such as parabens and vasoconstrictors, which shrink the blood vessels and increase blood pressure. We could not find any mention of any guarantees and there is also not many reviews listed for this product.

The Bottom Line

Nelson’s H+Care Hemorrhoid Cream contains a powerful homeopathic remedy that helps relieve the local itching, discomfort, and pain associated with external and internal hemorrhoids. The claims for these products are based on traditional homeopathic practice. This product is not available for purchase from the manufacturer’s website and there does not appear to be any guarantees available, which may make this product a bit more difficult to purchase. You will have to bear in mind the return policy of the store you are buying from when purchasing this product.

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