Basic Information: What is ‘NO-PYLZ’

This is a review of NO-PYLZ from Natures Ayurved. This is an herbal supplement that claims to harness Ayurveda medicine to cure piles while they are in their initial stages. It also claims to stop the bleeding and pain caused by hemorrhoids and piles. NO-PYLZ claims to be safe for people of all ages.


There are three active ingredients in NO-PYLZ:

  • Rasont
  • Kukurchind
  • Kutaj

Rasont is reported to help prevent bleeding from the piles. It is also traditionally used for curing ulcers and as a blood purifier. Rasont is suggested to have anti-inflammatory properties.

Kukurchind has been traditionally used for inflammation or fever. It is an alcoholic extract of a plant that may be able to relieve the pain and burning of cause by piles or hemorrhoids.

Kutaj has been considered to support a healthy gastrointestinal system by helping to facilitate regular, soft bowel movements by killing harmful bacteria in the gastrointestinal system.


It is advised that you take two capsules twice a day after meals.

If you consume curd immediately after taking the capsules, it may enhance the effect of the medicine.


A package of NO-PYLZ includes three bottles of 60 capsules each, as well as a CD which provides information about possible yoga poses to help support pain relief. The price for this package is $51.00. There are no discounts mentioned on this product’s site.

What to Expect

NO-PYLZ does not provide a timeline in which you can expect to feel relief from the painful symptoms of piles and hemorrhoids. It does suggest that this product is for use within the initial stages of development of the hemorrhoids. Some ingredients suggest that this product assists with bowel movements. NO-PYLZ may be taken daily for 3 months, after which you should reconsider your dosage depending upon how well  your are recovering from your hemorrhoids or piles.

Keep an Eye Out

There is not enough information about the use of these plants in medicine to know of any potential side effects. If you are pregnant or nursing, you should consult your doctor before taking this medication.

Manufacturer’s Commitment

Only registered customers may post reviews on the Natures Ayurved website. Also, there are no customer reviews on this site, so there is no way for potential buyers to read about this product from an unbiased consumer. NO-PYLZ has not been evaluated by the FDA and is not intended to diagnose, treat or curse diseases. In order to get a refund, Nature’s Ayurved will only accept defective products. They will not issue refunds for used or empty bottles of product.

The Bottom Line

Little is known in Western medicine about the use or effectiveness of Ayurveda medicine. Although NO-PYLZ makes a lot of promises about it’s effectiveness, it does not provide a timeline in which you can expect the product to show results. The lack of customer reviews may make potential customers wary about trying this product. Moreover, Natures Ayurved does not offer any guarantee that their product will work and instead rejects any returns that have been used. The lack of FDA approval or any type of product supervision leaves us with a lot of questions.

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