Basic Information: What is ‘Pilex’

This is a review of Pilex. Pilex claims to provide natural hemorrhoid relief through 7 day courses of medication. Pilex claims to offer a fast acting natural hemorrhoid relief that is free of artificial colors, chemicals, narcotics and sugar. They claim that you can begin to feel relief of symptoms in 3-5 days when you take Pilex as described alongside a healthy diet and exercise regime.


There are no specific instructions provided online by Pilex. However, it might be suggested that you take one pill a day, judging by the serving size in the available bottles.


Pilex contains natural Ayurveda treatments in their medicine. There are three main ingredients in Pilex:

  • Neem (margosa)
  • Nagkesar (mesua ferrea)
  • Barberry (Berberis)

Neem is a treed that is reported to purify the blood. It is also said to have antiseptic properties as well as anti-inflammatory properties.

Nagkesar is a shrub that is known for its anti-inflammatory properties. Pilex claims to use a unique extract of Nagkesar that helps to obtain a high effect. This effect is not described by Pilex.

Barberry is also a shrub that is reported to have anti-inflammatory properties.


You can buy a bottle with 7 capsules for $37. You may also purchase a bottle of 14 capsules for $57.

What to Expect

Pilex says that you will notice an improvement in the burning and irritation caused by hemorrhoids within 3-5 days of taking Pilex as directed. After 7-10 days you should begin to feel normal again. After 14 days, you should be healed for up to 6 months. However if you have a severe case of hemorrhoids you may need to continue the treatment.

The timeline listed by Pilex is purely illustrative and is based on research and feedback. There is no guarantee that you will feel relief according to this timeline.

Pilex ultimately recommend that you combine Pilex with a diet that is high in fiber. They also recommend that you avoid spicy foods and decrease your alcohol intake. Pilex also suggests that you participate in regular exercise.

Keep an Eye Out

Pilex reports that no side effects have been reported by consumers using their medication as long as it is used according to the directions.

Because the ingredients in Pilex have not been proven safe for infants or expectant mothers, you should consult your doctor before taking Pilex if you are pregnant or breastfeeding.

The ingredients in Pilex are relatively unknown in Western medicine and any interactions with prescription medications are unknown. Consult your doctor before taking Pilex if you are taking any prescription medications.

Manufacturer’s Commitment

Pilex has been manufactured in the United States since 1994. The website offers reviews by customers. Pilex does not offer a guarantee or a return policy.

The Bottom Line

Pilex contains three ingredients that are common in Ayurveda natural medicine which is commonly used in India. There is not a large amount of information known about the ingredients used in Pilex. Other medicines with similar properties suggest that you might not see results for two to three months depending on the severity of your hemorrhoids. Pilex does not offer much manufacturing information nor do they offer a money back guarantee for unsatisfied customers.

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