What is Thank God Piles Management Kit?

Thank God Piles Management Kit is a hemorrhoid treatment package that comes with a complete list of remedies to help you alleviate and cure your hemorrhoids. It comes with capsules that offer anti-inflammatory, haemostatic and analgesic properties. It also comes with a cream that also acts as a haemostatic, anti-inflammatory, helps soothe skin irritation, and also promotes quicker healing of hemorrhoids. The kit also comes with a laxative. You can read our full review of this hemorrhoid treatment product kit below.


The Thank God Piles (Hemorrhoids) Management Kit comes with 3 forms of treatments to help cover all the bases. Each treatment focuses on specific symptoms of hemorrhoids and acts to subdue and eliminate symptoms thoroughly. Unfortunately, we could not find any mention of the ingredients contained in each product online. This is quite a concern considering that there might be certain elements of the ingredients that might cause unsuspecting customers side effects.


For the capsules, the instructions state that it is best taken once per day. It should be taken in the morning about half an hour before you have your breakfast and should be taken with an empty stomach. The cream should be applied twice per day or as instructed by your doctor. Apply the cream around the rectal area in the morning and evening or after bowel movements. The Ispaghula Husk laxative is best taken before bedtime. Mix around 3 teaspoonfuls of the powder in a 250ml glass of natural juice. Drink another full glass of water afterward for optimum results.


Thank God Piles (Hemorrhoids) Management Kit is priced at $69.95 which includes the full set of treatments. It also comes with an information booklet that contains information about several natural treatment methods that individuals can take if they are suffering from hemorrhoids. Alas, there are no special discounts available with this product.

Possible Side Effects

As the product does not have an available ingredient list online it is quite difficult to determine the level of risk when it comes to the side effects. After checking online for any customer testimonials we failed to yield any information about this product. It appears that it barely has any online presence. This is a red flag for new customers. If ever you have already purchased this product then we highly suggest that you first consult with your doctor before using it in order to determine whether or not you will react positively to this treatment.

Manufacturer’s Commitment

We further researched the manufacturer and again failed to discover any sort of information when it comes to their refund and return policies. This leads us to conclude that Thank God Piles (Hemorrhoids) Management Kit does not offer any sort of customer guarantee.

The Bottom Line

The Thank God Piles (Hemorrhoids) Management Kit is almost a complete black hole when it comes to any sort of reliable information about the product itself. We could not find any details about the ingredients which is a huge cause of concern. The lack of any customer guarantee also gives off the impression that the manufacturer does not fully back this product which is again a huge downside in the eyes of potential customers.

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